Spinal Decompression

Is spinal decompression an effective, long term solution
for patients with herniated Discs, degenerated discs
sciatica, and chronic neck and back pain? Is it Effective without drugs, pills, shots, or surgery?

Hilma was scheduled for Surgery for a herniated disc that occurred when she bent over to pick up some luggage. A back specialist took an MRI which showed a herniated disc that was pinching on the L5 nerve root causing excruciating pain down her right leg accompanied by numbness, tingling and a “hot poker” feeling. Walking was almost unbearable and a wheel chair was the only way she could get around for two months. She tried a round of epidurals that wore off within a day or two. She tried some high dosage prescription pain pills with only an upset stomach to show for it. Her specialist said “Your only option at this point is surgery.” He scheduled her for surgery 3 days later. However, Hilma didn’t want surgery. Many of her friends had undergone surgery with no or minimal results. So Hilma began to get on the Internet and find every possible non-surgical option for a herniated disc.

It seems as if everyone is talking about revolutionary, new spinal decompression for neck and back pain. More than 7,000 neurosurgeons, physical therapists, medical doctors, and chiropractors have added spinal decompression over the last 10 years. More than 10 research articles support up to 80% effectiveness with even the toughest of cases. And now even other countries are getting in on the action as spinal decompression becomes the worldwide “go to” treatment for neck and back pain. Listen to how one medical doctor helped not only himself but also his patients.
“I was amazed at the results. I was astounded. I have now treated hundreds of patients including myself and am continually impressed with the results”. Dr. Donald Bailey, M.D., Pain Management, Savannah, GA

Why All the Fuss?

Simple. Hundreds of thousands of successfully treated spinal decompression patients might say that spinal decompression was nothing short of a miracle. It has been called a “Godsend”, “life changing”, “miraculous”, and even “the best decision I ever made.” These mounting spinal decompression success stories are from patients who have helped find relief from back pain even after everything else failed, sometimes even after failed back surgeries. Celebrities, CEOs, Professional Athletes, patients into their nineties, and even medical doctors themselves all seem to know something that the general public still may not be aware of.

The Controversy

The controversy isn’t over whether spinal decompression works. Hundreds of thousands of happy patients agree on that. The controversy is fitting “alternative” medical practices into a model dominated over the years by pharmaceutical pills, shots, physical therapy and surgery. Until recently patients like Hilma thought these were the only options. Patients complain every day that they don’t want to take pills because of some potentially nasty side effects. Shots tend to be temporary and patients know that simply disabling your body from telling you not to do something in order to not make it worse is probably not something you want to disable. They say, “I want to actually FIX the problem, not just mask it.”

The Breakthrough

Because of these concerns doctors, engineers, and researchers have spent the last 15 years searching for a non-invasive, non-surgical, pill free, clinically proven way to actually fix the growing epidemic of neck and back pain and not just mask the symptoms. So it’s no surprise that when research began mounting showing up to 80% success rates, long term effectiveness and not just temporary relief from researchers and institutions such as doctors from Mayo Clinic and researchers at John Hopkins, it created a serious stir.

The Revolution

The machine that was the subject of these research findings is called spinal decompression and is now being offered by thousands of clinics all over the world. In fact some believe that “there will come a day when EVERY back pain specialist, physical therapist and chiropractor will have a spinal decompression table because that’s how effective this treatment really is.” One Orthopedics Surgeon has even been quoted as saying, “As an orthopedic surgeon and peer reviewer, I see many patients who are significantly worse after back surgery. In many cases I believe that if they had been treated with spinal decompression before surgery they would have resolved completely”. Dr. Howard Berkowitz, M.D., Orthopedist, Atlanta, GA. Many clinics have even added up to 10 spinal decompression tables just to keep up with the demand of the happy, successful, life changing results of their local patients. This treatment has gone from a medical doctor just wanting to fix his own back pain to a full blown phenomenon. Even the United States patent office has added several patents for spinal decompression equipment to protect the technology from imitators.

Now, thanks to revolutionary spinal decompression technology patients are saying goodbye to 10, 20 even 30 years of back pain with this comfortable, safe, non-surgical back and neck pain option. Luckily Hilma was one of those. Hear what she had to say. “I was three days from having back surgery when I saw an ad in the newspaper. I came down to the office and the Doctors explained everything. The Dr’s put me on the Decompression Table and only 3 weeks later my back and leg feel wonderful. No more pain pills or emergency room visits for me. I cannot say enough about Spinal Decompression! I recommend it to anyone with back or neck pain.”

Is It Worth It?

Many patients would say that a treatment with almost no side effects that is non-surgical and doesn’t involve highly addictive pills with lots of side effects is a no-brainer. However, make no mistake about it the “established” medical community (and of course they know everything) will say that pills, shots and surgery are all the options patients need. But there’s no denying that hundreds of thousands of happy patients that had tried everything else and failed and then got life changing relief from sometimes even only a couple of safe spinal decompression treatments, couldn’t be wrong. Frankly I think after 10+ years of success spinal decompression is not only here to stay…. But may even become the world’s new leader in the treatment of back and neck pain. Will this new therapy put spinal surgeons out of business????

So What’s the Catch?

Dr. Ron M. French, one of the nation’s spinal decompression specialists, says, “There are 3. First, while spinal decompression is far less expensive than surgery, the treatments are not always covered by insurance. Luckily the treatments are affordable and most clinics offer financing and discount programs.”

“Second, some patients will require up to 4 weeks of treatments. While many patients get significant relief after the first week of treatments, some patients may require up to 4-6 weeks of care to see maximum results depending on the patients health, severity, duration of symptoms, and social factors such as diabetes, obesity, smoking and others.”
“And last but not least some patients do not qualify for this program. Patients such as pregnant women, spinal cancer patients, patients with aortic aneurysms and a few other conditions do not qualify. Check with your doctor to see if your condition would qualify for spinal decompression treatments.”

How Can I Find Out If Spinal Decompression is Right For Me?

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