Our bodies are very similar to a automobile; they both have moving joints, shock absorbers, a computer (or brain) and a running engine. To get the longest and best life from an automobile it must be serviced regularly. One of the services that must be done regularly on a vehicle is a wheel alignment. Once the wheel goes out of alignment the joints began to wear out and if left unattended irreversible damage (bearings freeze up wheels stop moving and turning) complete damage to the joint is the end result. The joint has to be replaced or the car must be put down. Our bodies joints act in the exact same way; our bones go out of alignment (main cause’s are physical trauma, chemical or emotional ie. stress) and the natural motion in the joint between these bones become compromised, slowly destroying it until the joint freezes up and stops moving completely. The Chiropractor’s main objective is to keep the human body aligned, and joints moving properly increasing it’s life and optimal function. Your Chiropractor is your bodies mechanic and your bodies best friend.