Sciatic nerve pain is one of the worst types of  pain you can experience! It can be a constant dull ache like a toothache, a sharp stabbing pain, or anything in between. This pain can be located in your hip all the down to your toe.

If you experience a searing pain that shoots down one or both legs, you could have sciatica. The pain has been described as a burning sensation deep within the hip area, it may also cause pins and needles that originate in the lower back and travel down the buttocks, back of the leg into the foot. Usually, the further it goes down the worse the condition is.

Chances are, you ignore some of the early warning signs: an occasional stiff back upon arising, low back spasms, muscle fatigue or weakness, and hot and cold spots. Now here’s the problem, as we wait for these symptoms to go away there in an increase in pressure build-up along the nerve root that make up the sciatic nerve. This causes further inflammation and irritation. Then, finally, you do something as simple as pick up a peace of paper on the floor and it feels as though your lower back is on fire or locked in position. A cough or sneeze may cause excruciating pain. You may have trouble walking upright, sitting or sleeping comfortably. At this point, you can barely walk into my office to get the help you desperately need. This doesn’t have to happen to you!

Sciatica can seriously halt your daily routine if you let it! You may feel its too late and worry that nothing will help. Thousands of sciatica patients who were in your shoes are now pain free, thanks to Chiropractic!


Research shows that Chiropractic treatments can relieve sciatic pain by reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve. Eliminating nerve interference allows your body to heal itself, naturally.

Our proven non-surgical, drug-free approach has been used safely and effectively by tens of millions of patients for more than 100 years!!!